Last Update 11/18/11

Saturday is looking like the best day this weekend so I'll be at the track prepping later today.

For other upcoming events check out the ROMP Flyer.


Will start up again Next Spring

New date coming soon!
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Operating Hours:

Sun Up To Sun Down 7 Days a Week 365 days a year!

Join us for the annual first snow day ride!!!!


10022 Bear Cove

Richwoods, Mo 63071 

GPS Coordinates:

N 3809.118

W 09048.211 


Prepped Practice Days

Watch the Seat Time Forum For Prepped Practice Days. On Prep Days The Track Will Be Tilled and Watered and The Riders May Be Split Up Into Groups By Bike Size and Skill Level.

On prepped practice days, if we have enough riders, we will separate the riders into groups. This will make the day safer for everyone and give each rider better quality track time. The groups will be divided up by bike size and rider skill level. Please rider in the group that is safest for you and the other riders. On these days we will be watering and tilling the track as needed. It takes about 20 to 30 minuets to water and till. If you are in the next group after the track has been watered, be very careful. The track will be slick in spots for the next half hour or so after each water.


Special Events:

Watch the Seat Time Forum at for event updates.


If you would like to schedule some one on one training with one of our track pro's, get a hold of Teresa for rates and scheduling.

We will soon start weekly training. We will practice motocross basic's each week under an organized format. Check the forum for more details as the become available.

We will also be announcing motocross schools soon. 


Electric Hook Up Rates

$35 per weekend: Friday afternoon until Sunday evening.

$15 per night: Anytime an RV is plugged in over night.

$10 per day: One day hook-up until dark.

Electric is very limited so contact Teresa to make sure hook up's will be available when you need them. 


Contact Info!

 E-mail:, OR

 On The Web: The Seat Time Forum @

Phone: text or call:

Teresa at 5738541071

Ed at 5737018674.



ROMP is looking for help at the track. We need help with everything from Flagging to keeping the grass cut to picking up trash.

We will trade track amenities for work around the track.

If you would like to help out look up Ed or Teresa at the track or look us up on the forum.